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This meetup group is for anyone who is interested in learning programming - whether you already have experience and would like to learn new things, or you're totally new and have no idea where to begin. This meetup aims to provide a chill atmosphere of learning and creativity, where you can learn useful skills necessary for professional programming.

We currently run two separate meetup series:

* Group programming (Mondays) - For anyone who is interested in advancing their existing programming skills. We work as a team on open source projects - peer code reviews, open discussion, self-learning, and pushing the boundaries of our skills and knowledge.

* Workshops (irregular schedule) - For beginner or intermediate skill levels. Each workshop is a guided walk-thru of a single topic, with Q&A during the workshop.

* Hacker-sprints (irregular schedule) - For intermediate to advanced skill levels. These full-day events are a great way to work in a group towards an achievable goal. A theme is decided for each event (e.g "Applications of the Lightning Network") then as a group we will pick from a few project ideas, do research, and try to build something.

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Talk: How to Double Spend, Project: Crypto-Lightning ATM

This week will be a short talk about how to double-spend in Bitcoin. We will discuss the technical details behind double-spending, how practical it is, and how to mitigate the risk of double-spend attacks. After the talk we will research and hack on our latest project: A Cryptocurrency-to-Lightning ATM. We will start with a simple proof-of-concept (script or web page) to show that it is possible. Resources for this project: * https://bitcoin.org/en/ * https://dev.lightning.community/overview/ --- SPEAKER: Charles is a cryptocurrency enthusiast, programmer, and entrepreneur. He has many years of professional experience developing mobile and web applications while working for start-ups in Europe as well as the United States. He is a long-time open-source contributor and for the past year he has been working full-time developing cryptocurrency payment systems. --- This event is part of an ongoing series where we learn together by researching and hacking on new technologies. If you're interested in learning how professional programmers work on real projects, this is the event for you. You can find our projects in our group's GitHub page: https://github.com/Learn-by-doing LOCATION: We will be meeting at Paralelni Polis, an alternative cafe which hosts many different events relating to creativity and technology. The event will be in the "Hackerspace" which is located in the basement below the cafe. If you have trouble finding us, just ask around - someone will know about us.

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