Maths Behind Bitcoin: Geometry 101

Learning by Doing (Programming)
Learning by Doing (Programming)
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Paralelni Polis

Dělnická 43 · Prague

How to find us

We will be in the hackerspace in the basement - towards the front of the building.

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What is a point? What is a line? Having the right vocabulary and symbols to reason about geometry is a necessary stepping stone towards understanding elliptic curves and the cryptography relying on them.

This week's meetup features a short talk as part of an on-going series: "The Maths Behind Bitcoin". After the talk we will research and hack on our latest project: A Cryptocurrency-to-Lightning ATM called "bleskomat". We will start with a simple proof-of-concept (script or web page) to show that it is possible. Resources for this project:


Robin Cussol

After completing a PhD in Mathematics, Robin decided to apply his logical mind to impact more people through software development. He now spends most of his time coding web and mobile applications, but still enjoys the odd occasion to do some maths and explain arcane symbols.


This event is part of an ongoing series where we learn together by researching and hacking on new technologies. If you're interested in learning how professional programmers work on real projects, this is the event for you.

You can find our projects in our group's GitHub page:

We will be meeting at Paralelni Polis, an alternative cafe which hosts many different events relating to creativity and technology. The event will be in the "Hackerspace" which is located in the basement below the cafe. If you have trouble finding us, just ask around - someone will know about us.