What we're about


Dare to live your purpose.
Dare to live your dream.
Dare to live the life you want!

Join us in your pursuit of purpose. The most valuable asset that you possess. The “why” whose answer holds the fulfillment of your life, your work & your relationships.
Yes I know, what’s purpose got to do with it? Simply everything if you want to accelerate your success and increase your bottom line.

Join us and strategically find your path to purpose and step into the life that is waiting for you.
Learn to connect Your Purpose to your a strategic Plan and apply your creativity to your Life & Work to actualize sustainable success.

Who will benefit?
* Individuals interested in personal growth and success development​
​* Creatives who want to become more profitable in the marketplace
​* Aspiring professionals re-entering the workforce but are not sure how to locate opportunities that best engage their creative talents and their life skills
​​* Visionaries who want to bridge the gap between spirituality & financial stability
* Entrepreneurs, innovators & new professionals who have an idea for a project, organization or business that will impact culture & serve community
​*​ Established professionals who need support with a career transition
​* Students and graduates wanting to learn creative job/career success strategies -

​* Write, speak & teach about purpose and the connection between spirituality, creativity & sustainable success in today's marketplace
* Help you identify, embrace & integrate the distinctive attributes of your talent/skills - to empower & impassion your life & work
* Help you re-discover & re-set your primary talent - the uniquely creative expression of your innate gift - resulting in professional & personal creative clarity
* Help you maximize the convergence of your gift, talents & life experience - practice mindful gratitude - recognize unexpected opportunity
​* Provide support, tools, & professional resources - to expand your vision - for continued development toward actualizing your work & life goals

Organizer & Host:

GAY THOMAS WILSON -Keynote Speaker- Personal Development & Strategic Success Consultan

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