What we're about

The purpose of these meetups is to help you discover/recover your life purpose, create a vision and strategy for each area of your life and realise wellness and abundance to live an inspired life of your dreams.

This meetup is for those who care deeply and want to make a difference to this world. This is for you if you long to live a more conscious, sustainable, natural life. Join us if you have had a wake-up call and realise you have not been living your purpose and passion and don't want to be in the same position this time next year again. Maybe you have tried so hard to make a difference in your own life, the lives of others and this world but lack energy, feel stuck, depressed, stressed, overwhelmed or isolated. Maybe you are just starting to realise that making a difference starts with you, caring deeply for yourself, realising your value and worth and knowing your happiness and fulfilment matters. You know your life matters, you have gifts and so much potential but instead maybe you feel like a spectator in your own life. Join us if your desire is to create a meaningful life and live an inspired life?

The delusion that you do not matter is the most pervasive sickness. I want you to know, you have worth and your wellness and fulfilment really does matter. Please join us on this journey as we learn, grow and transform together to live inspired lives.

HOST: Clair Eggberry is the Founder and Wellness Consultant for Naturally In Tune. As a Forest School Practitioner and former Montessori Teacher, she uses her strengths and gifts to share spiritual principles and nature's gifts, creatively. She now enjoys leading regular meetups, natural networking events, forest bathing walks (mindful forest walks) and retreats for wellness and conscious growth (personal, business and spiritual growth). As she expands in abundance, wellness and love, she encourages and affirms others to do the same. Her passion and purpose is to help others find freedom from limiting beliefs, depression, anxiety, stress, life controlling issues and past hurts and step in tune with who they are, their natural strengths, gifts, wellness and abundance so they can live their life purpose, wholeheartedly. Clair also provides online training and support for those wanting to join the journey and create a meaningful life and live their inspired life purpose. She hopes that her meetups, natural networking events, forest bathing walks and retreats will encourage more people to enjoy spending time in nature for their own wellbeing and will encourage conscious, sustainable natural living as well as a deep care of our natural world. Her belief is that if we care for the garden, the garden will care for us. If we are caring and compassionate towards ourselves and others we will have the energy to share our gifts and make a difference in this world.

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