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The purpose of the group is to develop life strategies for getting the most out of life. People should join if they want to be more effective in maintaining health, financial security, career development, emotional strength, and life purpose.

I will start meetings with some observations - sometimes quoting an inspirational book. After the opening, conversation will be free flowing. The goal is to share and develop strategies for enhancing the fundamentals of life.

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Life Strategies Discussion

Panera Bread

What is your strategy for getting the most out of life? What are your priorities? How do you attain life satisfaction? The intent of these meetings is to share ideas about self-development and fulfillment. I am passionate about applying philosophical approaches to life problems. At the same time, the solutions must be specific and practical. The discussions will consist of a give and take about the best ways to achieve success in the most fundamental aspects of life: health, wealth, social interactions, and life purpose.

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Introduction to Life Strategies

Panera Bread

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