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How can you transform from the person you are today to a person who is happier, healthier, more fulfilled, more productive, in better relationships, having more self-esteem, and feeling more self-confident?

Even the smallest positive life changes transform us in some way, pushing us forward on the personal evolutionary scale and fostering some level of self-awareness and growth.

But what if you could transform on a level that afforded so much more than incremental change? What if personal transformation propelled you from living a better life to living a spectacular life?

Without getting into writing any fancy words, I'm gonna list a few things below, if mastered, we can transform ourselves to live that spectacular life.

If you think you need to learn or master any or all of the things, this group is for you.

We organize Thought Provoking Workshops, Professional Talks, Fun and Entertaining Meetup Events on a range of topics including Personal and Professional Development, Business, Entertainment, Social Gatherings, Networking, Sharing life experiences, Storytelling, Boardgames, Dining, Books, Coffee, Indoor & Outdoor activities and much more.

But most important, it is about Life Transformation, To Creating Your Best Self.

So what you waiting for? Just join us for the next meetup event to learn and have fun... simple as that.

Here is the list:

1) Confidence. 2) Public Speaking. 3) Leadership Skills. 4) Communication Skills.

5) Improve Your Body Language. 6) Listen Actively. 7) Embrace Empathy.

8) Time Management. 9) Stop Procrastinating. 10) Wake up Early.

11) Become More Proactive. 12) Master the Art of Conflict Resolution.

13) Make fear your friend. 14) Make Better decisions.

15) Work on your growth mindset. 16) Increase Your willpower.

17) Become More mindful. 18) Become More Resilient.

19) Manage Stress Effectively. 20) Let go of the Past. 18) Read More. Read Often.

21) Get Along With Others. 22) Get along with yourself.

23) Ignore your limitations. 24) Share Yourself. 25) Storytelling.

26) Boardgames (Cash-flow 101, Monopoly, Chess, Scrabble Board, UNO etc).

To become a member, please answer all your profile questions!

A clear personal photo is mandatory!

Strict policies will apply; Anyone who harasses other members in anyway including sending messages and soliciting offline meetings or private contacts will be banned from the group, no exceptions!

We reserve the right to refuse membership to anyone or remove any member without the need to disclose the reason(s) or any prior notice.

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