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Life is better when you're laughing...
• The Life Is Better When You Are Laughing Meetup Group. We are currently using a book titled The Happiness Advantage. It gives new insight into happiness and the fact that happiness is an inside job. Most people spend their lives working hard earning money so they can be happy. The book gave me a new way to look at happiness. I suddenly realized there was nothing holding me hostage or and preventing them from living a... Juicy... Vibrant... Succulent... Powerful... Playful... Life or being a Contribution to Others except for my perception of what happiness is and how to get it. Most of us have no idea how powerful we are or what we are capable of having. If it's time to take a closer look this group may be of value to you. • Suggested Donation is $10.00 • This program is far more about self-discovery than it is self-improvement. • You may discover that you are perfect whole and complete just the way you are and just the way you aren't. • You may discover that living a Stand-Up Life is more fun and rewarding than living the life most of us have been trained or "manufactured" to live. • It's about discovering your personal ability to make choices in your life. • It's about becoming aware of the fact that in most cases we don't have Habits our Habits have us. • We don't have a Life our Life has Us... • That we seldom have opinions our opinions have us. • That Good is the enemy of Great. i.e., A Good Marriage is the enemy of a Great Marriage, and a Good Health is the enemy of Great Health. The list goes on, and we are blind to it all. • You are perfect whole and complete just the way you are and just the way you aren't.

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What we're about

Purpose of this Group.

To become aware of and transform any beliefs that hold us hostage and prevent us from living the life we want to be living.

This becomes a priority...once we become aware of the fact that we will never outperform our concept of self.

People don' t earn the money they are deserve or live the life they deserve... They earn the money and live the life think they are worth. (In reality it's the life they have been conditioned to believe they are worth)

Who should attend? Good Question...

Anyone that is stuck were they are and is ready to get past that place... get unstuck... and play a bigger more exciting game and live a more rewarding and exciting life.

People who know that good is the enemy of great and they are ready to do something about it.

Business Owners.People who sell or want to sell.

Non-Selling Professionals who are looking for way to have conversations that make it easy for the people they serve to understand their service and be in action.

Anyone who knows there is a better way and are stuck or spinning their wheels.

People who understand the value of having better than average communication skills

A Mom of Dad that wants to support their son or daughter in keeping their bedroom clean without a fight.

The Butcher... The Baker... The Candle Stick Maker... The Guy at the Seven-Eleven...

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