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Hello all!

About half a decade ago I took the metaphorical red pill when I let myself see the real truth about what I used to call "The Truth". It was a high control organization that I grew up in (or what some would call a Cult).

After waking up I was finally able to start breaking the mental and emotional chains of my religious indoctrination; which was deeper than I thought. This hasn't been an easy task and something I'm still working on today.

I've found that some of the common challenges of those who have left high control religions as opposed to non high control religions/cultures are these:

-Feeling like no one understands
-Feeling confusion, blame, shame, guilt, and humiliation
-Wanting to escape reality with drugs, sex, alcohol, overworking, partying, etc
-Feeling very alone even when we aren't
-Feeling like we have no meaningful purpose in life
-Feeling like we have to be fake to try and make friends (which is exhausting)
-Doubting or second guessing ourselves constantly
-Having irrational fears/paralyzing anxieties that come and go, or that we can't seem to let go of
-Harmful, impulsive, or self sabotaging behaviors
-Difficulty to trust and build strong healthy relationships with others
-Feeling like an alien
-Having recurring nightmares or vivid disturbing memories that come up often
-Feelings of being negatively triggered when hearing certain words or seeing certain things

This is a group where you can actually be open about your thoughts and feelings and be understood, accepted, and respected.
It is a social and personal development group and non religious in its nature, in order to respect peoples new found freedom to think for themselves. And decide for themselves what they would like to believe or not believe in regards to faith.

There will be a few group policies to maintain a high level of safety respect and confidentiality. And the there will be biweekly events alternating between the support group and social group.

We welcome you no matter where you are on your personal journey and we hope to see you at our next event! :)

Your friend

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