Seminar - How to Make The Best Use of Your Brain

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Life Beginner's Manual
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27 E 28th St · New York, NY

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Room 8A - Check in at the front desk as a guest of Megan Boyle, the Community Manager. Bring a photo ID to enter the building

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Did you like Dan Ariely's Predictably Irrational, Malcolm Gladwell's Blink or Daniel Kahneman's Thinking Fast and Slow?

Would you like to get a better grasp of advances in neurology, without the scientific complication?

This seminar will introduce you to my Simplified Brain Theory, the best and most simple explanation there is about the functions of the brain.

It is a clear description of the mind, based on the most prominent studies in neuroscience and psychology, without using medical or scientific jargon.

You will get a clear idea of how the brain functions and how the human mind works

What makes us truly happy
Why humans have the notion of time
Where emotions come from
The difference between desire and love
The tricks your own mind is using against you
Why meditating is so important
How to cultivate awareness
How to optimize the use of your brain
And more

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