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Hello Fellow Members of Ventura and Santa Barbara County! Welcome to the LifeRhythms Meetup – Your Life. Your Rhythm. Your Meetup!

My name is Robert and I live in Midtown Ventura. Originally from the los Angeles Area, I have been here for 5 ½ years and I have noticed that there have been a lot of people like myself who are creative, craving connections with like-minded people (especially those who are transplants from other cities), exploring our own version of belief systems. We are craving social experiences that are nourishing, inviting, welcoming and unique. We are seeking friendships, collaborations and connections that resonate deeply with us. We also know that we don’t want to travel all the time to bigger cities that are already offering these types of fun and nourishing activities. I know quite a few people like myself who reside all over the world, however – I am absolutely positive that there many people like yourselves who are reading this messages right now and can automatically relate. As we already know, we are living in a VERY busy world and (even in our neck of the woods), our schedules seem to fill up rather quickly.

Both Ventura County and Santa Barbara County are very beautiful places. If you are a transplant to these areas, you know that it can be challenging to connect with like-minded individuals. Even if you operate a small business (especially a creative and local business), you definitely know that wherever you are in the world, it can be challenging have a social life and balance time for your business, especially working from home! This group will hopefully offer a beneficial solution to those who have their own businesses. If you don't, that’s ok! The mission is to bring more likeminded individuals together and offer fun, excitement, connectivity and nourishment.

So…. You are probably wondering about the name “LifeRhythms”. I have a strong philosophy that everyone has their own way of creating their own ‘Rhythm’ to their own ‘Life’. I always found that there is never one way to do things. And that is why that name is also my business name! It is also the name of my radio show. This Meetup group is specifically designed to offer just that. There will be times where I will be occasionally offering a variety of LifeRhythms inspired events and activities. Many of these events are informal, donation-based activities that are more related to community versus inspired experiential offerings. Most of the groups events will be free and others will mostly have a nominal fee or sliding scale. Having fun and feeling full is the top priority! Authenticity, transparency and respect are HUGE in this Meetup. And if you are reading this, you are probably taking comfort right now! - ☺

Here are some of the events that I will be offering with this Meetup!

- Indie / Documentary Movie Nights (at private locations)

- Organic and Authentic Business Networking / Resource Building (no pitches please – save it for baseball games)

- Informal Group Support for Various Challenges in our Personal / Professional Lives

- Informal Personal Support – Same as Above (private sessions upon request)

- Informal Business Support – Same as Above (private sessions upon request)

- Dance Parties

- Dinner Parties

- Creativity Boosters

- Comfortable Social Experiences and Encounters (If you are a creeper, please leave!)

- Various Events Exploring YOUR Version of Wellbeing and Belief Systems including:
- Digital Sound Baths
- Sonic Journeys
- Group Visualizations / Guided Meditations
- Music Venues
- Deep Coffee Connections
- Daily Ritual Creation / Modern Ritual Workshops (no animal killings, ok?)
- Self Discovery Sessions

I am looking forward to meeting you and having you meet others like ourselves. This Meetup will also have events in various places around Ventura, Santa Barbara and Los Angeles County. Anyone in those areas are more than happy to join us! If you have any questions, I invite you to contact me at yourliferhythm@gmail.com. I very much appreciate your interest and hope you are having an amazing day. Welcome to the tribe!!

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