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What we’re about

Walk around the world with us - Liferay Journey for the employment of disabled people!

Unbelievable - but true. Our active and ambitious team at Liferay Hungary decided to do something special - something no one would expect. 
In the next 12 months, we're planning to walk and excercise more than (possibly) ever before. Climbing the stairs or using the elevator? Using public transport or taking a walk to the pub with your friends?  You know the right answer! Our steps are all tracked with our activity trackers.

Take 40.075 kilometers in 12 months with us and help disabled people.

Ok, but how does that help people in need?

By joining our journey and visiting our meetups, you have the opportunity to support KézenFogva Foundation with your attention - and donations. We ask you to make one more small step and make a donation of at least 1000 Forints. 
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Let's make this World even better together, as a team. 

Follow our steps and journey here: