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I have added more information to this workshop and now include overcoming sensitivity, loneliness and stress as they are often interconnected. Do you find that you are overwhelmed by being with certain people or by being in crowds? Do you find it difficult to be in certain environments? If you answer yes to these questions you just might be a Highly Sensitive Person. This two day workshop helps you understand how to successfully decide what to do with all the emotions you feel. Are they yours or someone else's? As a sensitive you can pick up on everything around you - that can cause anxiety, sadness and over stimulation to the point of shutting down. You will learn how sensitivity can be a gift. We guide you through specific exercises to discern and release unwanted energy that may be effecting us, allowing you to better deal with situations and environments that in the past you may have avoided.

This workshop will also help you to understand and learn new techniques to connect deeply within yourself to help with your feelings of security, confidence and wholeness. . You learn, once you are aware you are able to connect with others in a deeper more heart-centered way that can relieve your suffering of feeling alone.

Stress comes from many places such as our environment, past traumas and being sensitive which makes us feel disconnected from ourselves and others. You will develop an understanding of how we may consciously release pressures and re-frame some of our beliefs. This will help you to create a more positive outlook to move forward with hope by studying and using effective learnable tools to successfully be out in the world and feel great. You will have more skills for inner peace, better health, more inner strength and more self love. When: March 5th and 6th, 2016 9 am to 5 pm Where: 6688 Granville St. Cost: $250.00 Register at http://www.brendabarton.com or please contact Brenda at: brenda@brendabarton.com for more details

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