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The average millionaire has seven streams of income, most of which are passive. How many do you have?

This group is focused on the topic of creating passive income actively, a.k.a CashFlow. There are many different ways to generate CashFlow. Franchise's, Rental properties, Dividend Stocks, Airbnb, Marketing, App development, Coaching, Business syndication, Apartment syndication, Licensing a creative idea or music, Storage Rentals, Vending machines, etc. The list is truly endless and bound only by the imagination of the entrepreneur.

We use this group to network and learn from others about how they are generating CashFlow for long term wealth.

My business partner and I specialize in Multifamily syndication to help others generate CashFlow for everyday use or retirement. We decided to start this group because we share a passion for learning alternative ways to create CashFlow in order to achieve financial independence. After years of watching my stock portfolio go up and down, never consistently growing or generating money I could actually use, I came to the conclusion that if I were ever going to retire I would have to start actually investing. Income producing real estate is a great way to generate CashFlow but, as stated above, it is not the only way.

It is my hope to bring people to our meetup who think outside the box and generate CashFlow in amazing ways. I'm still on my journey to establishing seven streams of CashFlow. This group will give me and you the ideas, partners, capital, and opportunities to make it happen. So join us and let's talk about what's working for you and what you need help with.

Our mission is to enable and inspire others to take action, share what we learn, and DOMINATE the generation of CashFlow through active investing for passive income!!

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Scott Ward shares his RE investing journey -- Emphasis on AirBnB --

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This month's meeting - Saturday, October 15th at 6 pm.


Scott Ward joins us this month to share his Real Estate investing journey. Scott and his wife Kathy are local Wichitans who most definitely think outside the box.
Their real estate investing strategy is one that literally anyone at any income can do.
If you think you can't get started because you don't have enough money then you should be here for this talk.
Scott will give you the secrets to his proven strategy that you can take and start doing yourself as soon as the sun comes up.

Come learn how to invest like a millionaire!!


Have you ever considered investing in real estate but you don't know where to begin?

Apartment investing is a great way to hedge against rising inflation!

According to a recent Forbes article, "Throughout U.S. history, investors have relied on real estate as a means of generating both income and capital appreciation. Low investment returns and stock market volatility have converged to create enormous demand for income-producing real estate that is often used to fund future liabilities."

These are the topics that we discuss at our monthly meetings. We join together to collaborate and help one another learn about the different ways to generate passive income.

We will also spend some time establishing personal connections with one another through introductions and networking.

Deals happen at this meetup so come prepared to share. If you just want to learn, come with a pen and paper, everyone is welcome.

We will also talk about how apartment investing works and how you can get involved. There are really two ways to participate in apartment syndications, passively and actively. In other words, you can do as little as place money in a deal and receive a regular return i.e. passive investing, or you can earn sweat equity by spending your time working as a general partner i.e. active investing.

Come learn how we do this and how you can start.

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Network with LIVE music!!

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