A Course In Miracles Study Group w/ Dori King

Every 2 weeks on Tuesday

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A Course in Miracles was received by Helen Schucman, over the course of seven years. The information was transcribed by William Thetford, Ph.D, one of her colleagues. According to the preface, they were both “Professors of Medical Psychology at Columbia University’s College of Physicians and Surgeons in New York City”. They were contentious peers, when Dr. Thetford suggested there must be another way. This is when Helen began to receive "The Voice" in dreams and strange images. The material in the Text/Workbook/Manual for teachers is virtually unchanged from what Helen initially received. The first copyright is 1975.

The miracles come from a change in our perceptions, from fear to love. “…the course deals with universal spiritual themes. It emphasizes that it is but one version of the universal curriculum…They all lead to God, [or All That Is], in the end.” The preface asks that the reader not judge the information, merely apply the daily idea presented in each Workbook lesson to their own life.” There are 365 lessons in the Workbook, only one to be used and studied each day. It is suggested that participants use the “A Course in Miracles” book, or at least the CDs by Foundation for Inner Peace. This is the author as given to Helen by “The Voice”, which asserted It was the Voice of God, Jesus, Holy Spirit. Its purpose in these pages is to clear up old misconceptions and distortions of the Truth of Love. It makes a distinction between what is real and unreal. “Truth is unalterable, eternal and unambiguous.”

The Workbook is intended to help us to lose our bonds, and rise above fear, doubt, guilt, and a myriad of other limitations. The workbook ends: “The Course is a beginning, not an end…” The lessons can be done alone, in a personal study, and year after year. A discussion group is also helpful to share ideas, discuss challenges, and celebrate breakthroughs. This will be the purpose of our A Course in Miracles group. We will meet every other week, in the beginning, and study one lesson for these two week time periods. We will also cover material in the Text and Manual for Teachers occasionally. The journey is quite personal and we request participants to leave judgment at the door, so we may provide a safe and welcoming space for all who attend. You may attend at anytime, however, it is suggested you read and practice the lessons if you want to get the most inner growth.

In this course you will:

have questions
be amazed
have some struggle with the information
maybe have some life changing insights
probably have some dreams, hopes, and wishes come true
make friends
have support for your spiritual exploration
learn of support resources to enhance your understanding and experience
improve your relationships with yourself and others
might enjoy the opening in your eyes and heart

Come, bring a friend, see what A Course in Miracles is about and how the information can bless your life. Let’s explore together and have some fun!!!

Facilitated by Dori King, MA Psychology: Health and Wellness

When: October 1st, 15th, 29th