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Calling all light saber thrill-seekers and enthusiasts. If you are looking to socialize, then you joined the right group. We have events and opportunities for everyone, so please read on.

(Note: We provide light sabers for you to use at our events, so if you thought not having your own top-shelf saber disqualified you from activities in this group, rest assured, that is NOT the case. We have your back!)

We host events on a regular basis. These events cover a very wide range of interests: fitness classes, martial arts classes, demonstrations, summer camps, academy tours, cosplay appearances, giveaways, team-building exercises, family-friendly social events, light saber dueling competitions, social gatherings at restaurants or breweries, and overall opportunities for people to come together and be themselves.
The Best Part: Everything We Do Involves Light Sabers!!!

We hope you enjoy your stay here at Saberation's Official Club of Light Saber Enthusiasts and we want you to know the force will be with you, always!

Interest-Specific Website Links

If you are one of those individuals interested in becoming a certified trainer for our light saber fitness classes or you want to enroll in fitness classes involving light sabers, see this link:

If you are looking to start your journey in the Light Sword Martial Arts Instructor Program and want to open up your own light saber dueling academy, see this link: https://saberation.com/lightsabers/become-a-light-sword-martial-arts-instructor/

To unleash your inner warrior and begin learning the various forms of light saber dueling which we have remastered using traditional martial arts, see this link:

Official Information Regarding The Creation of This Group

This group was created by Saberation, the parent company of Light Sword Martial Arts and Total Saber Fit. Saberation Inc. is a family-owned and operated, American business specializing in fun, fitness, entertainment, recreation, and social involvement through the use of light sabers. To learn more about Saberation and take your next step into the community we are creating, visit us online at

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