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The Light Scientists are a group of passionately curious humans re-connecting to our authentic selves through creative exploration.

The Big Idea: On the other side of stress, tuned out, "should" stories, confusion, and the masks we all wear, something greater awaits. Something that many seek: a life filled with more authenticity, joy, adventure, clarity, sacred moments, peace, wisdom, and connection.

Yet where do we begin? We often start by looking outside ourselves for greater fulfillment, pursuing goal after goal to "change our life", but real change seems perpetually beyond our reach.

Something amazing happens however when we stop looking "out there" and instead turn inward to reflect back our own inner light. We find that we can we shift our attentional focus and change our perception by creating a new "lens" for ourselves through which we look at and move through the world.

I've discovered methods to make that shift through creative exploration and my mission moving forward is to help others do the same. My own preferred tools are photography, music, deep conversation, and video storytelling and I'll start by focusing on those mediums. But others may use poetry, dance, sculpture, painting, or any other art or form of creative expression.

To support each other on this journey, I'm assembling a tribe of fellow explorers dedicated to finding the light within us all and reflecting that back. When we do that, it helps each of us heal and transform — allowing our most authentic selves to re-emerge so that we can start building the life we really want.

I call this tribe the Light Scientists. Won't you join me...

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