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Do you feel that there is more to life than what you are being told? Do you feel a deep sense of urgency pushing you to look for answers to help you comprehend nature and find your purpose in life? Do you want to discover esoteric methods to improve your life and change the world into a better place? Do you want to meet people who are opened to revolutionary ideas and are supporters of freedom and peace? If you answer yes to at least one of these questions, Light Seekers of Truth may be the group you have been searching for your whole life.

What is Light Seekers of Truth?

Light Seekers of Truth is a social meeting group located in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis/St. Paul) of Minnesota. The main goals of this group are to help people comprehend why the world is changing so rapidly and teach them solutions to change their life and the world into a better place, so that their children, families, friends, and the human race will have a future to look forward to. To achieve these goals, we will explore many different sensitive topics to help paint the Big Picture of the Earth Drama, so that we know why this drama is occurring and can find solutions to prevent it from destroying our future.

Light Seekers of Truth is more concentrated toward adults in their 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s. However, any adult interested in this group is more than welcome to join regardless of age. The main reason why this group encourages these people to join is to teach them how to be visionaries, independent and critical thinkers, freedom lovers, teachers, and courageous people. By teaching people how to be great role models, they will be more ready to guide humanity into a new age when the elders retire.

Another goal of Light Seekers of Truth is to teach people how to be responsible and brave people, so that they can learn how to defend their natural rights when their natural rights are violated.

What is a Light Truth Seeker?

A light truth seeker is someone who seeks for the truth with little fear of the unknown, so that he or she can shine light on the darkness to reveal the hidden agendas of the Dark Forces. This action of shining light on the shadow of the Dark Forces will make it easier for people to become awake and aware. This action might even help the Dark Forces to realize that their evil ways are not only destroying nature but are also destroying themselves, which could cause them to change and become better beings.

Topics We Will Be Exploring

The topics that Light Seekers of Truth will focus on are mostly sensitive and controversial topics that have empowering knowledge to wake us up from our slumber state of mind. By exploring these sensitive topics, it will help us to become more conscious and responsible beings.

Examples of topics we will be exploring are Natural Law, freedom, genuine spirituality, conscious living, holistic health, energy mechanics, financial fraud, globalism, conspiracy, secret society and word magic. For more examples of topics we may explore, visit my two websites: EsotericKnowledge.me (https://esotericknowledge.me/) and OmniThought.org (http://omnithought.org/start-here).

To improve our standard of living and change the world into a better place take time, knowledge, thought, love, and action. Light Seekers of Truth plans to take all these five aspects of life and unite them, so that we can harness the power of thought, the power of emotion, and the power of action to create real change and restore freedom throughout the world.

Meetup Schedule (IMPORTANT UPDATE!!!)

IMPORTANT NOTE: The organizer has decided to not do any more meetups for this group. The good news is that he has a new group called Esoteric Freedom and Sovereignty (https://www.meetup.com/Esoteric-Freedom-and-Sovereignty/). If you enjoy his work, visit his new group and become a member, so you can be notified of his future seminars.

About the Organizer Pao Chang

I am the author and founder of EsotericKnowledge.me (https://esotericknowledge.me/) and Omnithought.org (http://omnithought.org/), two comprehensive blogs dedicated to teaching people about Natural Law, freedom, word magic, conscious living, spiritual science, genuine spirituality and energy mechanics. My main goals are to teach people to become truth seekers and courageous spirits, so that we as the human race can discover who we truly are and restore our freedom and sovereignty.

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