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Calling All Light-Workers out there!

Hi 😀!

This group is meant to be a warm and cozy lounge for light-workers of all kinds, well established or just started... These can be:
- Life coaches, self-development coaches, business coaches, etc
- Psychotherapists & Psychologists
- NLP practitioners
- Mental health professionals
- Energy healing practitioners
- Yoga instructors
- EFT specialists
- Hypnotherapists
- Family therapists
- Relationship coaches
...................................... And any other profession that's helping people come alive! Love & understand themselves & others, find inner peace, achieve their dreams, find love, resolve conflicts, reach their maximum potentials and generally have a bigger, happier more fulfilled life.

As one of you; I created this group for professional and social networking, a home, and a safe space to:

- Connect with like-minded people
- Make friends who are on the same wave length as you are
- Create professional collaborations
- Find out about work opportunities
- Understand each other's specialties for mutual referrals
- Share knowledge, expertise & resources
- Support each other in our journies
- Have fun, laugh, hang out and create joyful events together

In this group all members are free to, and more than welcome to do any or all of the following:
- Share their work & achievements
- Advertise, promote whatever they need for us to share around the news and be of support
- Invite to their own events, either for professional or fun purposes
- Ask for help & support
- Give any kind of help and support, either to other members or to the community
- Offer ideas or solutions either for professional collaborations, or for fun & play times
- Spread love, fun, laughter & light in any way anywhere

And I trust that members of this group will never do any or all of the following:
- Discourage or belittle anyone, either in the group or out of it.
- Promote or spread any kind of negativity, indecency or hatred
- Bring in any kind of indecent competetiveness
- Commit plagiarism, or use any idea they heard in the group that belongs to another member without their written permission
- Disrespect anyone in any way

With that said, please allow me to welcome you all with a heart that's opened widely, wishing that this group will become for all of us, a home away from home.

Lots of love & light to you all!
Asmaa Kadry

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