Paul's Letters


Update 12/29/2019: I have reduced the number of spots in this event from 12 to 10 to leave some room for men who might signup late. The first two men in the waiting list will be automatically included.


This is an 8 week small group meeting on Monday nites starting January 13th.

You frequently hear Christians say they should read their bible more. Well, this will get you reading (and listening) at least once a week in a small group. This group can be for Everyone. If you are new to the bible, this will help you get started and you can get insight and background from others. Participating in this group requires no preparation (except by the leader to provide background information and insightful discussion questions).

In the early church they had no New Testament bibles. They had the Hebrew scriptures which to Christians became the Old Testament. Many of the books in the New Testament are in fact letters written by the Apostles to various individuals and churches. The letters to churches were written to be read out loud to the congregations in those churches. In this eight week small group, we will read through several of Paul's letters, starting with Colossians.

Format: a brief introduction to the book/letter as well as background on the original audience for the letter. This group will focus on the shorter letters that can easily be read in one sitting. No problem to jump back in if you miss a week. Following the reading and discussion there will be time to share a snack and fellowship.

Address will be sent out one week prior to starting.

A one time $5.00 donations is appreciated to help cover Meet Up admin cost. Thank you!