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Light Upon the Lotus offers individual energy healing sessions and group classes for those looking to clear emotional blocks, heal trauma and awaken to their true essence We offer a variety of healing and spiritual modalities from Magnified healing and IET to Shamanic Journeying and Counseling to Goddess self empowerment. We have several visiting teachers monthly. Check out our monthly calender

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The Art of Shamanic Storytelling and Journey Night

Light upon the Lotus


Storytelling in the Shamanic World is always a story of healing or of power. It is a story to be remembered by the individual in everything they do. They learn to live their life by their story. Learn how to create that vision for others. Anytime we journey for someone else it is usually for a healing or a journey for power such as when we do a power animal journey. So we ask for a story from our helping spirits to give to the one we have journeyed for keeping in mind anytime we journey we will as the journeyer will always get something out of it ourselves. The helping spirits will give us a story but as everything we get from spirit is a matter of our interpretation. So this class is about how to make these stories make sense and stick to the individual empowering or healing whatever the case Bring drums and rattles as we will be drumming and journeying. Fee: $15

Reiki Share Nite

Light upon the Lotus

Join us for a night of oohhs and ahhs as we share our talents with each other for a reiki share. We all need a "tune up" every now and just letting our bodies receive thru others! $10 donation suggested

Basic Intensive Shamanic Journey Workshop

Heaven & Earth, LLC


Basic Shamanic Journey Intensive Learn about core shamanism, the original role of the shaman in indigenous societies, and the keys to successful journeying in a modern society. Join us as we explore shamanic practice of journeying as our ancestors performed. We spend time understanding the why do we do the practice, when it recommended, and the outcome for both self and individual. We discover the hidden worlds of Lower, Upper, and Middle worlds. We will discover tools that will help you as you enter the different worlds. We will explore the different ways to attain the shamanic trance that is necessary to journey. Not everyone journeys the same way. We will work on what is best for you. There is no wrong way or right way only your way! Journeying is unique in its own way that not only does the individual gains insight but also the journeyer as he is connects to his power animal, ancestors, angels, and spirit guide. The shamanic journey crosses the dimensional barrier between time and space. In this class we uncover our own unique power thru journeying to other worlds in non-ordinary time. We discover how our own power animal, teachers, and guides can help in our everyday lives. 10 am to 5 pm $100.00 for 1 day workshop RSVP required Please bring eye cover, rattle or drum and notebook to journal

Circle of Empowerment

Light upon the Lotus

Circle of Empowerment 2nd Tuesday of every month 7-9pm $15 recommended donation We need to support one another. We are powerful, wise and strong. We are daughters, sisters, wives, mothers, friends, and so much more. We have much in common, yet can feel incredibly isolated, lonely and separate from our tribe. We need to nurture one another. We need to mother our daughters, nieces, and ourselves We need a place to gather without judgement or competition. For centuries, women have gathered in circle to share their stories and teach their wisdom; to inspire, acknowledge and honor one another. Let's gather and create a sacred space. I invite you to to join me as we grow our circle and community of wonderful women. We will support one another, expand and honor our individual journeys. We will meditate, bring out our creative side and heal our wounds. Each month will bring a new opportunity for topics and activities to participate in.

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Gathering of the Wisdom

Light upon the Lotus


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