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with Aurora from Aurora’s Portals

I am highly interested in the juncture between matter and spirit, and wish to discus and explore this juncture, creation, manifestation and transformation, and many other subjects with other adventurers.

My name is Sharon Lewis, but I go by the name Aurora, which is the name for my higher self. I am a channel for light beings, an energy healer, medium and psychic/intuitive. Some of you know me from the Metaphysical Fair group held at New Renaissance Bookstore Event Center each month.

The purpose of this group is to bring together an eclectic group of people who desire to grow spiritually, have great discussions, group visualizations and journeys, find ways to improve our planet situation, do spirit experiments as they present themselves, change personal limitations, have channelled sessions, and with group energy, work together on personal intentions and group intentions.

This group is for anyone who cares about our planet, human consciousness, creating oneness, and growing in their spirit…a group of people who will forgo the ego, and in humility assist each person to their higher purpose as well as explore a group purpose.

If you are a light worker, energy healer, medium, and/or psychic that is great, you are needed. We need to join our energies for this great work on our planet. If you don’t know what your abilities are that is fine too. We can explore and help you discover your highest self and your individual abilities.

Together, we will raise our vibration, work with the new energy that is here for the newer consciousness level changes, have meditation journeys, push past limited thinking and hopefully into out-of-the-box thinking, and explore this place where matter meets spirit.

On occasion, we may have guest speakers. If need be, and depending on the group that gathers, we could have practice sessions for any new practitioners of metaphysics, or general healing sessions for each other.

Please come with a heart of love, high expectations, and a desire to find and become your highest potential. Let's traverse the LightBridge together and explore possibilities!

Love and Light to your entire being,


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