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Crystal Therapy Level I for Reiki Practitioners - Date Tentative
Join me for Crystal Therapy Level One for Reiki Practitioners and Crystal Enthusiasts! Note: Date is Tentative. Please read to the end to avoid missing key information. Today will be part one of a two day class. There are 12 spots available. In this class we'll discuss and learn the following plus more: * Crystals to use for the top 10 reasons my clients over the years have come for Reiki treatments (other practitioners see the same issues) * 4+ ways to create a crystal grid to be used during a Reiki treatment (and in other situations as well) * The differences and unique benefits of different forms of crystals (points, spheres, uncut, etc.) * How to choose the right crystals for each treatment * Sensing the energies in a stone or crystal * How to program a crystal and why you would want to * Experience power Reiki with a crystal grid * What you need to know about clearing crystals and stones There will be a lot of crystals at this course. If you bring your own please keep them separate from the ones used in class. You will need to bring to class a clear quartz single point crystal, approx. 1.5 - 5 inches in length (it should fit comfortably in your palm and can extend a bit longer if you choose). Please bring: pen/pencil, note pad, water bottle, lunch/snacks, indoor shoes/slippers. There is a kettle for hot water and plenty of water available. You'll be most comfortable if you wear layered clothing. Investment: $150.00

TBD Calgary

Calgary · Calgary, AB


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Welcome to The Lightworker’s Path! We’re a community of like-minded and awareness-centered individuals, whose collective focus is to shine love and light in our corners of the world. All of Humanity is following this same path, whether they’re aware of it or not, and where we are along that path is of no importance. What matters is that we recognize the formless within the form, seeing the Divinity in all people, relationships, situations and experiences, letting Spirit lead the way.

The term "Lightworker" refers to everyday human beings, aware and ready to step into their for a sacred purpose, although they sometimes can get caught up in the earthly life and get off course for a time. When this occurs their spiritual, healing powers may be forgotten but they are never lost. Most Lightworkers begin to awaken by sensing of a "quiet call" in their heart, and have a deep and certain feeling that they are here for a higher purpose, although in the beginning they often have no idea what that purpose is, and they become fearful.

You have heard this "call" if you are searching for ways to heal your own life, and feel it is your duty to counsel, write or help others do the same. You may have had experiences as a child that seemed unexplainable, such as visions or dreams that came true. You also hold the belief that the Love of Spirit can heal any situation with faith, fearlessness, perseverance and peace.

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Jennifer Ash Williams is a certified practicing Angel Therapist, Aromatherapist, and a Holy Fire II Usui and Karuna Reiki(R) Master . She is also has a diploma in Herbal Medicine and Iridology.

Jennifer has been teaching and practicing for 15 years, at various venues in Calgary, and now teaches through MRU, and at private locations in Calgary and Cochrane. She is also a full-time educator for Alberta Health Services.

As of Sept. 2018 I have decided to focus more on Holy Fire II Reiki (R) and will no longer be teaching the regular Usui Reiki at MRU. I do however offer Holy Fire II Usui Reiki and Animal Reiki privately. I am still at MRU to teach Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki(R) several times per year.

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