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Everything in the universe happens for a reason. Even random events that appear uncorrelated. The infinite wisdom of the cosmos and the Divine far surpasses human understanding, and many have looked up upon the celestial realm and wondered about the origin of life and perennial question about the meaning of life; and the interconnections between Creation and the universal cycle of birth, illness and disease, and death. From my own personal experiences and my experience as a lightworker, I know for an undeniable fact that we are all guided by the Divine and spirit guides to attain our highest good and soul purpose. Every soul incarnates as light-filled beings and imbued specific missions that it chose prior to birth. We agreed to abide by soul contracts before our etheric spirit entered this physical realm and body, and the events and experiences which we encounter on this earth plane enhance the soul's original contract. Throughout the course of our existence on this earth plane, our guides do their utmost to ensure that we complete our incarnation successfully. But sometimes it may take several lifetimes for us to learn the lessons that we need to learn in order for our soul to evolve. Regardless, although our soul contracts govern and determine the events and situations that occur in our lives, they do not decide how we will respond. That is the realm of free will and in making choices through the way we choose to respond to these given events and situations, we grow in knowledge of ourselves and are closer to our spiritual awakening. For enlightenment is the purpose of life. So when life throws us a curve-ball, what do we do? Lament and blame it on life's unpredictability and randomness or realise that it is an integral unravelling of our soul contract and life plan? I became a lightworker after a traumatizing event which changed the course of my life and triggered the most enlightening spiritual awakening that I have ever experienced. I was devastated and in my grief, sought the guidance and help of psychics. I also became more introspective, and looked inward for reasons and answers for my seemingly impossible situation. Through deep soul-searching, meditation and spiritual development, my psychic abilities came to the fore. I believe that a genuine, caring and compassionate psychic and healer has a duty towards his or her clients and the larger community of light workers and spiritual healers, as well as to the Divine and the Universe. And I honour and respect all life. Thus, I am guided by integrity and ethical code of conduct, and my clients' welfare is paramount to me as a healer and as a fellow being. I welcome all who share my vision and hope for a world infused with light and love to join this group of kindred souls on a journey of evolution and self-awareness.

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