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Field Trip: Open Poetry Readings at Innisfree Bookstore & Cafe
If you write poetry and would like to share it in a comfortable setting with other poets, come join me at the Innisfree Bookstore & Cafe! Even if you don't have a poem of your own to share, come check out their open mic nite! Hosts of the event hold a wonderful space and the poets that show up are often funny, touching, creative, inspiring and all around cool. Personally, I sign-up to practice maintaining connection to Source and staying in my body while in the midst of whatever the audience might be feeling (and I'm empathing). As a bonus, I have a feeling that my poetry readings offer others an opportunity to feel their own emotions so that they too can experience more ease in their bodies. Does this resonate with you? If yes, let's connect up at Innisfree! I've set the start time a bit early to get some tea/snacks at the counter and find a seat. If you plan to read, you'll need to sign-up on-site by 6:55pm with readings starting at 7:00pm.

Innisfree Poetry Bookstore and Cafe

1301 Pennsylvania Ave. · Boulder, CO

What we're about

Do you dream of more…

• Ease, but find that the chaos around you can all too quickly send you into overwhelm, exhaustion and frustrating physical symptoms?

• Support, but fear that making a transition, or asking others for their time, will only lead to rejection?

• Energy to implement the vision for your business/life, but find that your creative expression gets side-tracked by tending to others’ needs before your own?

• Engagement, but connections with like-minded people and supportive relationships seems elusive?

If this resonates with you, then Lightworkers of Boulder & Beyond will be a great space where you can experience community, learning and connection!

*** How to Participate ***

Lightworkers of Boulder & Beyond is a Meetup group for kind-hearted individuals (often in the helping professions) who are dedicated to being a bright light in the world.

We offer engaging events designed to facilitate learning-in-community, building relationships and celebrating our members unique gifts and journeys. As a member you are invited to attend any of the following events:

• “Web of Light Ceremony” - This is a free monthly event held on the full moon (or close to it!) to release deep muscular tension and to join thousands of people around the world in radiating your light so that you can bring a healing presence to the world. RSVP here =>

• “Potluck in the Park” - This is a monthly (through September) casual event where you can gather and build relationships over a meal. You are encouraged to bring your business cards, make new connections and stay in touch. The event is free - just bring your favorite dish! RSVP here =>

• “Overwhelm to Ease” - Beginning July 2018, I’ll be hosting a free monthly workshop on how to address a Lightworkers #1 Fear - Freezing and that you won’t have choices. RSVP here =>

I look forward to connecting with you at the next event!

Kelly C. Mullen

Founder of Lightworkers of Boulder & Beyond

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