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Parkour for Everyone, 8 Tuesdays (@Espoo) Itätuulentie 1, FI-02100 Espoo, Suomi[%7B%22surface%22%3A%22dashboard%22%2C%22mechanism%22%3A%22calendar_tab_invitation%22%2C%22extra_data%22%3A%22[]%22%7D]%2C%22source%22%3A2%7D Parkour Training (Mondays) Parkour is a complimentary art and training programme in Liikan Jitsu which, we further promote through association with a local Parkour group. Your chance for some Ninja like skills training ;) The more exact time (and place) varies, but If not told/suggested (by anyone!) otherwise the Parkour groups' regular session is on Mondays @ 18:00 from Pasila railway-station, main entrance. Occasionally there are also trainings/jams on other random days, which can be suggested by anyone. As the exact details of time and place vary each week, please contact the group leader Unto Ikkala (Utti) for further uptodate info about events via his facebook page: . Utti's parkour excurssions are open training sessions at which we are welcome as guests and and friends. Although Utti is a Parkour instructor and leading the chase, these are not instructional courses, rather a group of friends meeting up for some fun training together for which, there is no charge for joining these free running excursions . Please treat them with the courtesy and respect they deserve and follow any guidelines they lay down. Utti does however occasionally run tutored courses, so can watch on his site for news and events ( On occasions when the Liikan Club cannot attend the Parkour groups excursions, we may occasionally arrange a little outward bounding ourselves more locally (e.g. Tuesdays) in which we can combine both the Parkour we have learned with a little Liikan Training for extra variety and spice. However, this does not prevent any of our members training with 'Utti's Parkour group on their own, for which reason we will try to keep training information or links posted here. Occasionally at the weekends (once per month perhaps) we will transfer indoors to the Parkour training centers for some extra variety of Parkour training and Wall climbing etc , but this costs extra for the centre's own admission fees. We will notify members about these special training events as and when necessary. Break a Leg! :D

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Liikan Jitsu Club and Ju Jutsu Profile

Liikan Ju Jutsu suomeksi (

Liikan Jitsu is a Self-defence, conflict intervention, personal security and risk management system based on 'Ju Jutsu with a taste of Kung Fu and a touch of Kyusho'

The Club

We are a group of friendly and open minded people from a wide spectrum of ages and cultural backgrounds, who train together in a spirit of mutual friendship, support and co-operation to develop our skills and ability to avoid, prevent and manage conflicts, but if and when necessary, defend ourselves, our families and friends.

What we practice is not a sport, even though friendly competition is an essential part of the training process. Nor is it about gratuitous violence and aggression. It is about having fun and keeping fit and healthy in the process of self-defence training. We believe in 'Peace and Compassion through Strength and Understanding'.

'From Jiu Jitsu & Kung Fu to Liikan Jitsu & Kyusho Do,

Effective & Realistic Training

in a Modern Style and School for Modern Day Society.'

The Martial Arts Style

Our system is firmly rooted in the traditional arts and particularly well founded in Japanese Jiu Jitsu, but does not limit itself to them. Indeed we try to continually review and update both our knowledge and our system from any available source as we deem appropriate, be it traditional martial arts or modern psychology and security management.

Liikan Jitsu is a personal security system that includes conflict intervention and management, security supervision and risk management. It is originally and primarily derived from Japanese Jiu Jitsu (Ju Jutsu) and Shorinji Kempo by the head of the Tokyo police force in Japan at that time. More recently it has been strongly influenced by Chinese Kung Fu and other arts such as Kali / Escrima. We are also actively involved in the study of Kyusho (Vital Points) as a companion art and supplementary training under the auspices of Kyusho International.

Liikan Jitsu also incorporates Bio-Energy Training (Chi Kung & Meditation) and modern professional disciplines such as Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), conflict management (from schoolyard to boardroom), criminology, security and risk management. The teaching and training process is based on traditional methods, but has been updated for consistency with modern pedagogical methods. All contain vital skills and knowledge for any serious high-level practitioner of the arts that are integrated into the training and study programme.

From KungFu to Kyusho Jitsu

Break-falling and Break-dancing to ChiKung, NLP and Parkour,

Fiendish Finglish Fun for all the Family!

The Training Programme

The Liikan school of Ju Jutsu utilises foot and hand strikes, throws and lock-holds and includes ground fighting and Close Quarter Combat in general. Senior level training includes both unarmed and armed defence against both unarmed and armed assailants and 'Chi Kung' energy practice for both health and fighting applications. We are also actively involved in the study of Kyusho (Vital Points) as a companion art and supplementary training under the auspices of Kyusho International. To this end many members also participate in the Helsinki Kyusho Study Group, part of Kyusho Finland.

Throws and other such grappling training that require ‘Tatame’ (Judo Mats) and crash mats for safety purposes are practised only at our training halls that are suited for that purpose.

Training sessions at other venues (without Judo Mats) are focused on fitness and practical self-defence techniques and skills, including kick-boxercise training with target pads, kick shields, speed balls and any other useful training tools and methods such as (martial) parkour style and body awareness, control and mobility skills that are feasible at the centre. Other types of training, such as Kyusho Do, Chi Kung and NLP may also be conducted for the more mature students that are interested. Etiquette and how to behave is of course, an important part of all our training, particularly in respect to conflict prevention and management and even criminology, security and risk management.

In the summer, weather permitting, we train outdoors around the local forests and lake areas for fresh air and inspiration in a more natural environment.

Club instructors' profile (

Jiu Jitsu, Kung Fu & Martial Arts training in general: Training since 1982 (>30 years), teaching own clubs (3) since 1987 (25 years). Kyusho Study Group Leader since 2010.

Security supervision and doorman experience.

Security guarding in shops, acting as both guard and store detective (vahtimestari).

Qualified vocational teacher & lecturer for Higher Education specialising in Security, Risk and Business Management.

Seeing is believing!

Seeing is believing so they say but, Confucius reportedly ( that 'I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand'. Sometimes however, you would be wise to watch, listen and even have faith if you don't want to get hurt by the more direct, experiential learning process.

We have provided a huge variety of extra information and previews via several websites, from Meetup to Facebook, created for specific purposes. You can find a list of and links to these from our pages section (

We also have a YouTube channel ( with a large number of promotional videos / vid-clips ( to give you a preview and insight into our training activities and Liikan Jitsu Club in Action. As a quick peek, you might find this video illuminating as to some of our core training activities.

Heyday Soup!

We look forward to training with you.

/ Liikan Jitsu Club ry.

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