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Alone versus lonely. It's OK to be alone and lots of us choose to enjoy our own company but is it OK to be lonely? With so many people in the world we have become disconnected from each other and most of the time afraid to share our stories our feelings and connect for fear... for fear of rejection.

So if you want to connect with another human being and change how you feel about yourself. Listen to what we have all suffered or been through to realise that sad things are not reserved for just you and that there are tools, tips, ideas and support that you can get from other people in the same boat or different boat as you and if any of the following resonates with you then join us and help us to grow.

* Divorced and feeling lost
* Separated - what now?
* Single
* Recently had a baby
* Suffering or suffered from mental health issues
* Feeling afraid or sad for no particular reason
* Feeling like you're too old
* Getting invited to more funerals than weddings
* Can't think of a reason why anyone would want to talk to you

I know the above are random but at some time in my life I have felt like this and kept it inside. I am interested in others sharing their stories with me and anyone who joins this group because sharing has changed my life and changed me.

LIFE IS MADE UP OF CHOICES so LIKE IT. What do you choose for you?

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