IMPORTANT UPDATE Continuous Delivery with Visual Studio Team Services and Azure



Dear Limerick DotNet-Azure Members,

The BOI - Bank of Ireland has informed us that they also have another event on the night, a Radio Broadcast event in aid of Focus Ireland. Since this may cause a problem with the Talk for obvious noise reasons, we may need to change the agenda on the night. We have decided to proceed with the meetup, but under the following conditions.

1. If Giulio Vian can give his talk i.e. the radio event is isolated from us then we will proceed as planned.

2. Else we will have an Interactive Tech Talk, Pizza and Prize Draw. (Giulio's featured talk of Continuous Delivery would be postponed until Jan/Feb 2018).

We apologize for the late update, but hope to see you at the meetup.

Thank You.


The December talk will be given by Giulio Vian (MVP) .

Talk Title : Continuous Delivery with Visual Studio Team Services and Azure.


A demo focused session to illustrate the DevOps vision using a mix of technologies:

GitHub, Ubuntu, ASP.NET Core, Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS), Azure and more.

The two main objectives are illustrating some critical design issues in implementing DevOps and to show different technologies working together in building a DevOps pipeline. Recurring themes like Configuration Management, Deploy Automation, Infrastructure as Code will show up during the presentation. We will build a micro application and the environments required to develop, deploy and run it.

Agenda main points within the talk Include:

• Introduction to DevOps

• Runtime Environment(s)

• Infrastructure-as-Code

• Build the Application itself

• Application Deployment

• Dynamic configuration

• Wrap-up & References

Speaker Bio

Giulio’s computing passion started with a TI-57, which was quickly followed by a Sinclair ZX80 and an Apple II. After obtaining a degree, he spent many years consulting for dozens of customers from different disparate business domains using Microsoft technologies. Giulio is now focused on Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and DevOps.

Giulio currently works for Glass Lewis as a DevOps Lead and is currently focused on delivering improvements to the company’s IT by using agile best practices and thereby delivering business value to Glass Lewis’s clients. Giulio is a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) since 2016, a Visual Studio ALM Ranger since 2010 and loves to share his experience or engage in a good technical debate.

Our Sponsers and Members -

We would like thank all our sponsors who together contribute towards the Limerick DotNetAzure meetup. They are The Bank of Ireland, Action Point Technology Group, Microsoft Ireland, JetBrains and Redgate. We would like to give a special thanks to Action Point who recently became our new sponsor for the Food & Refreshements within the meetup. On behalf of all our members, we welcome Action Point’s support in helping to build The DotNetAzure Limerick Meetup. See more about Action Point at

Finally we would like to thank all our members for turning up, giving their time and sharing their knowledge to make the Limerick-DotNetAzure Meetup such an awesome experience. At the end of the talk we will hold 2 prize draws, 1st draw will be a full licence for any one of JetBrains products and the 2nd draw will be a fully licenced Redgate product.(Please note you can only win a prize if you both RSVP and attend the talk)

Would you like to give a Talk? -

If you would like to give a talk or would like an area of technology or development to be covered in a talk then please get in touch or place a message on our message board and get the conversation started.

Our goal at the Limerick DotNetAzure meetup is to provide an awesome experience for our members in terms of technical talks, healthy debate and to provide a social tech hub for our members to meet. We also recognize that some members may only be starting their tech careers or indeed may be experienced professionals trying to expand their knowledge for employment. We are very excited to see the Limerick DotNetAzure Meetup grow and thank everyone for their attendance, ideas and to all our previous speakers for giving talks.

See you all at the next meetup.

The Limerick DotNetAzure Meetup Team.