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Kanban games night
Needs a location - if you have a venue available, please let us know. What a great year it's been - thanks to all that could attend the meetups this year! To celebrate the last meetup of the year, we'll keep things fun and simple. This is the Kanban games night. We'll bring along a series of games and you can vote on what you want to try out. If we get a lot of people we may even do concurrent games. Some to select from: Kanban Pizza FeatureBan Name game Ship game (re-run from last meetup) TWiG Mini-games (multiple little 15-20 minute games eg numbers game) If you have another idea, please make a suggestion / bring it along. Sorry, can't do the getKanban game as it takes longer and won't fit in the slot. 5:30 arrival for a 6pm start. Wrap up by 7:30.

Needs a location