What we're about

This is a group for those interested in exploring the world of ideas through reading, writing and discussion.

This club's primary focus will be on reading classic works of fiction, nonfiction and poetry.

I hope our meetings become a place where we openly, freely and respectfully discuss the ideas found in the classic works of the past and present. I hope this discussion becomes a source of joy and enlightenment for all involved. I also hope that our meetings become a place of warmth, camaraderie and friendship where people of all ages and backgrounds gather in fellowship and community.

Things we might do at our meetings include:

•Discuss classic works of non-fiction, fiction and poetry

• Share our own stories, essays, poetry

• Meet new friends and have a good time

• Other "Literary" or even non-literary things that the group decides we should grow into.

What types of people should join this group?

• You should probably have a passion for reading and be interested in reading the classics (loosely defined).

• You might want to be excited about the idea of discussing the ideas, themes, characters, plots, and lessons in the books we read.

• It might also help to come with an open mind, so that we can all be informed, educated and influenced by what is discussed.

• Someone who is interested in meeting new people.

• Otherwise, come one, come all.

Are there any dues for this club?

Nah, not at this time. This may be something the club decides to do later, but not at this time. I do think it would be nice if we could all agree on a common version of each book. If we do this, there may be a monthly expense associated with the purchase of that book.

This is an independent group. It is not affiliated with any business, for profit or non-profit entity.

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