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Finding a new group of friends can be difficult, especially with a busy schedule. This group is aimed at the 20-30 crowd, single or not, to get people together for outings, evenings, and whatever else.

If you're new to the area, looking to meet new people, or have a bar you would love to try but have no one to go with, join the social circle that you can really get to know and hang out with on the regular basis!!

It will continue to grow and you will continue to meet new fun and interesting people.

There is no "concentration", anything goes: wine tastings, happy hours, movies, bowling, comedy shows, and anything else you guys can come up with.

In this group, it's easy to say "yes" to new experiences....because we try them together.

If you are a potential/existing member, please know that there are few ground rules to live by to make this group fun and safe for everyone!!

All members are required to provide basic contact information.

Your profile picture must be a clear photo of yourself.

If at any time members are uncomfortable with your behavior, we reserve the right to remove you from this group.

Please report any inappropriate behaviors or concerns to our organizer Sam Browder.

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Grateful Bread

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Grateful Bread

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