Making an extra $50k a year with your "Night Job"

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South Fl Public Relations and Marketing
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26th at 5:30 pm.

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Brian French

Learn how we started a small at home business with nearly zero capital into a thriving reliable flow of more than $50k year. (no hype, we will show our actual financial records)

Learn how to "scale" your online business so it only takes a few hours a day to maintain.

Learn how to utilize social media to get free or low-cost advertising targeting your perfect customer.

How to use Ebay to sell your products.

How to buy products in bulk for 50 cents and sell them for $12.

How to maintain a list of your customers that can come back and buy more and more of your products.

How to augment a common product and make it unique to eliminate price competition.

Learn the biggest FATAL mistake people make when they start an online business. Yeah, we are going to be BRUTALLY straight with you. (no sugar coating).

How to create a "mini manufacturing plant" (scr*w China) from your home.

Let's make your bank account great again!