What we're about

The Minnesota Linux Desktop Users Group aims to support desktop users of GNU/Linux and to promote free software.

Our Mission
We focus on creating a community of users using free software on their desktops and in other non-server settings (e.g. mobile/handheld devices). Our goal is to create an environment that's welcoming, fun, and educational for both non-technical and technical users.

Why a Desktop GNU/Linux Group?

The argument for free ("free" as in freedom) software is stronger than ever. GNU/Linux has been wildly successful in the server market. Desktop GNU/Linux operating systems like Ubuntu Linux provide a rich end-user experience on par or better than proprietary rivals in many respects. Yet the uptake of using GNU/Linux as an end-user (desktop/laptop) operating system still lags. Our SIG aims to end that by:

. Creating a community of GNU/Linux on the desktop enthusiasts.
. Providing a venue where GNU/Linux questions can get asked by users of all levels.
. Fostering free software evangelism. Let's spread the word!

This community is dedicated toward fostering, engaging, supporting, and evangelizing Linux on the desktop

We welcome long time GNU/Linux enthusiasts, those who've heard of GNU/Linux but aren't even sure what it is, and everyone in between. Join us!

Whether you're running GNU/Linux as your desktop operating system or interested in doing so, this Meetup is for you. Our goal is to create an environment that's welcoming, fun, and educational.

The argument for open source ("free" as in speech) software is stronger than ever. Keep control of your communications equipment and keep your freedom. It's your voice, not your TV. Live outside the walled garden.

We strictly enforce the code of conduct found at: https://www.contributor-covenant.org/

Past events (3)

Linux Command Line Show & Tell

Bryn Mawr Community Gathering Space

Show & Tell Linux on the Desktop

Bryn Mawr Community Gathering Space

Free Computing Club Meeting

Caffetto Coffee House

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