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The Linux Command Line for Newbies

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A message to building security was given to leave the parking gate open .... but if the gate is closed when you arrive please ring the doorbell. Someone is inside and will respond shortly to let you in.

Address: 13031 W. Jefferson Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90066 (Enter on Alla Road)

Map to parking and building entrance here:

Building/Parking Map (

Developers need a comfort level with the basics of Linux that's impossible to get from online tutorials or a book. Interacting with the servers at

Amazon Web Services (AWS) (


Digital Ocean (

, or other cloud providers will almost always require command line interface (CLI) basics. This Meetup is aimed at beginners looking to get into Dev or DevWeb work who need a hand up in the Linux CLI.

In this hands-on workshop you will become familiar the Linux filesystem and the very basics of navigating the command line in a Linux based operating system.

Note: This is the first of a series of workshops. During the second planned hands-on event we plan on taking you from initializing your very own cloud server using the commands practiced, and then installing your very own web server.

Linux can be run from a Flash/USB drive, a live CD, or within one of the many virtual machines ( like VMware (, VirtualBox (, or Parallels ( Which means you can learn to use the Linux CLI without giving up your current operating system.

What should you bring? A laptop capable of booting from a USB drive … we'll supply the thumb drives that you can take home to practice. If you only have a desktop there will be a few laptops available to borrow for the day. Please mention in your RSVP that this is needed. First Come, First Served.)

The meeting is planned Saturday, October 14th from 10:30am – 2:30pm. The area will be in Playa Vista. (Exact address to be provided later.)

If you have experience in Linux and would be interested in mentoring please contact the organizers directly.
Verizon Digital Media Services (Enter on Alla Rd.)
13031 W Jefferson Blvd · Los Angeles, CA
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