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Linuxing in London is about celebrating Linux, open source software and clever technologies.

Our aim is to bring together vendors, suppliers, enthusiasts and IT professionals, and anyone who's just curious concerning Linux and open source software, its strengths, its capacity and its mysteries.

We make every effort to be an inclusive group. Please be sure to familiarise yourself with our code of conduct. (https://linuxinginlondon.wordpress.com/code-of-conduct-2017/)

Everyday we use Linux and open source software without even knowing it. It powers Google, Facebook, Docker and most of the Internet infrastructure. Without Linux and open source the world would not be as connected as it is, or look as it does.

In this modern age the development of open source software and Linux is striking. It is changing every week, there are new products coming out, almost at the speed of light. We feel there needs to be a tangible and friendly space to discuss those developments and learn from each other, that isn’t the pub or dominated by men.

Our objectives:

• to provide a safe and friendly environment where people can come together, talk and be informed about free and open source software.

• to hold regular presentations from open source specialists on everything from the Linux kernel, the command line to Linux in the Cloud, and much more.

• encourage everyone to talk about and to use free and open source software. We are Linux distribution agnostic, we like BSD and all derivatives too!

All of our events are free to participants.

We are committed to a non-profit ethos and make a real effort to address the gender imbalance in technology. Women get ticketing priority at all Linuxing In London events.

We meet at London's premier technology venue, Skills Matter, every month.

But if you have any ideas, suggestions for topics or sponsorship (someone to pay for the soft drinks and nibbles!) please contact us.

Brian Byrne and David Ross

Last edited June 2017.

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Virtual event - A lap around JetBrains Space

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[Make sure to study our code of conduct, by attending you are agreeing to be bound by it. https://linuxinginlondon.com/code-of-conduct-2017/ ] --- JetBrains have significant traction in modern technology, everyone uses them directly or indirectly. Their suites and suites of development tools cover almost all modern languages: Java, Go, Python, .net, PHP, Rust and so much more. They have open sourced so many dev. tools over time When you use your Android phone the apps have probably been created with their underlying technologies. They invented the one of the cleverest languages to come out in modern mobile development, Kotlin. But JetBrains are not limited in their approach or their vision, and have a new collaborative product called, Space. Today we are lucky to have one of their experts, Maarten Balliauw, talking about Space and what it means. https://www.jetbrains.com/space/ So if you are coding, using an IDE or just thinking about CI/CD then this virtual event is for you! There are some nice prizes in the “raffle” too! [We are still working out the final arrangements of how these virtual events will run and will inform you closer to the day with links, etc. ] --- 1. Agenda 14:45 YouTube channel opens. 15:00 Officially starts, an introduction by Brian Byrne. 15:10 A lap around JetBrains Space with Maarten Balliauw. 15:55 Q&A. 16:05 Free raffle and announcements. 16:15 Close of the event [The agenda is subject to change and revision, precise timings may change. Links will be published before the event.] --- [Please do read our code of conduct, by attending you are agreeing to be bound by it. https://linuxinginlondon.com/code-of-conduct-2017/ ] 2. Abstract: In many organizations, there is a split between the tools everyone in the company uses, and those used by creative teams such as marketing, sales, HR, designers and software developers. This bridge is usually crossed with webhooks and custom integrations that can be fragile, not to mention a potential security and maintenance nightmare for your IT teams. What if there was a single, integrated platform, that meets the needs of all sides? In this session, we'll explore JetBrains Space, a platform that combines chats, teams, blogs, articles, meetings, version control, code review, CI/CD, automation, software packages, issues, and more. We will look at the built-in tools for various teams, and how Space can help them collaborate more efficiently. 3. Speakers' details: Maarten Balliauw. Maarten loves the web, HTTP, C#, Azure and application performance. He is a Developer Advocate at JetBrains, also a frequent speaker at and organizer of various national and international events. He enjoys brewing his own beer. Maarten on Twitter: https://twitter.com/maartenballiauw Maarten's site: https://blog.maartenballiauw.be/ Maarten on GitHub: https://github.com/maartenba --- Want to help Linux grow? To expand? We are looking for sponsors for our series of virtual events. If you know of a good company or someone sensible then please contact Brian at [masked] or on Twitter https://twitter.com/BrianLinuxing ---

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Virtual event - Kubernetes 101 with Elton Stoneman

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