A cornucopia of IoT, Rust, Robots and much more!

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Everyone loves the Internet of things.

Small board computers, robotics, the pure physics of physical computing is almost intoxicating.

This evening we have three experts in the field of IoT, and possibly a special speaker with a few surprises.

It will be enjoyable and fun!

We have variety, coding, Rust, PCBs and real robots!

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18:00 Doors open.
18:15 Everyone seated and an introduction to Linuxing In London.

18:25 Putting the S into IOT with Andy Clark.
19:00 Q&A.

19:10 Pizza break, big thanks to Linux Journal https://www.linuxjournal.com/

19:20 Internet of Streams: A Wireless Sensor Network in Rust with Florian Gilcher.
19:55 Q&A.

20:00 Bootstrapping a hardware product with Ross Atkin.
20:30 Q&A.

20:40 Community slot and free raffle.

20:50 Continue Q&A in the Skills Matter bar over a soft drink.

[NB: The agenda is subject to change and revision, timings may change.]

1. Speakers’ biography

1. After an apprenticeship at Dowty Aerospace, Andy Clark completed an electronics degree at Imperial college and got a job in IT. For the last 7 years he has been making and repairing in a shed at the bottom of the garden. Andy's latest project was in response to a competition hosted by Qualcomm who picked Andy as their developer of the month for August.

Andy on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Workshopshed

Andy’s site: https://www.workshopshed.com/

2. Florian Gilcher is a member of the Rust project and active on the global community team. Outside of the project, he's mostly into server-side programming, distributed systems and databases of all kinds. He's also a trainer for Rust, Ruby and Elasticsearch.

Florian on Twitter https://twitter.com/Argorak

Florian's company: https://asquera.de/

3. Product designer Ross Atkin will talk about process of designing, kickstarting and setting up production in China for Smartibot, an app-connected, A.I. enabled cardboard robot kit, and delivering 1,600 of them to backers around the world (slightly late).

Ross on Twitter https://twitter.com/rossatkin

Ross's sites: http://www.thecraftyrobot.net https://www.rossatkin.com/wp/

TheCraftyRobot on Twitter: https://twitter.com/CraftyRobot

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Please do read our code of conduct, by attending you are agreeing to be bound by it.