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On the 17th August, come and join myself and Southern Mantis Combatives supremo Sifu Steve Hayes for the Lion’s Den masterclass.
We will be diving into the various aspects of what it takes to be prepared for the challenges of life; physically, mentally and emotionally.

The Lion’s Den is aimed at drawing men together in an egoless environment to train, connect with themselves and each other, unwind and recharge.

In this day and age, men are caught up being ‘manly’ with only social media and a wayward society to guide them. This leads men, both young and old towards a life of aggression and rigid thinking and behaviour. This lifestyle and the pressures of society can cause anxiety and depression.

In the UK alone, every week 84 men commit suicide. Worldwide someone commits suicide EVERY 40 SECONDS. 75% of these deaths are men.

Men.....we need an outlet. We need connection. We need a space. Lion’s Den is that space.

Alongside Sifu Steve Hayes., an experienced martial artist of over 35 years, we will be teaching:
👉🏿 the basics of Southern Mantis Combatives 👉🏿 how to train smarter and improve body awareness 👉🏿 work-in exercises to energise your body 👉🏿 methods to improve breathing mechanics 👉🏿 movement meditation to calm your mind and nervous system 👉🏿 how to train through play 👉🏿 how to integrate Southern Mantis Combatives into your training using elements of Dr. Guy Voyer’s Somatraining system

There are NO prerequisites, all fitness levels and ages (16+) welcome. Leave the ego at home. Come join us for a day of learning, play and mental decluttering.

17th August
1.30pm - 6.30pm
@ St Pancras Leisure N1C
£63 Early bird (before 3rd August) £81 thereafter

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