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"Customers don’t want your product or what it does; they want help making their lives better (i.e. they want progress)." - Alan Klement, author of "When Coffee and Kale Compete (".

This is one of the principles of Jobs-To-Be-Done (JTBD), a theory of motivation. It is a new way to understand what customers want and why they want it. Understanding how customers create and imagine a Job-to-be-Done will help you become better at creating and selling products that people will buy.

The purpose of the Lisbon Jobs To Be Done Meetup group is to help you get started with Jobs To Be Done:

• Learn what Jobs To Be Done is and when it can be useful

• Hear from others who have applied the theory to their projects, products or businesses

Read my case study ( on how I applied JTBD thinking or, even better, read this short post ( on Jobs-To-Be-Done or the excellent book "When Coffee and Kale Compete (".

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