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Join 'Lisk Ottawa' to discuss and learn more about the Lisk Blockchain Javascript Application Platform, blockchain technology, and its many applications.

As you may have heard, blockchain technology is revolutionizing our world in profound ways. The core characteristics of blockchains are being leveraged by blockchain developers worldwide to create game-changing technologies, eliminate intermediaries, reduce friction, increase efficiency, and allow for opportunities that were previously impossible.

These include:

• Trustless exchange of assets.

• Self-executing smart contracts that are cognizant and reactive to the outside world.

• Decentralized blockchain applications complete with their own medium of exchange, distributed data storage, and processing.

Lisk is a next-generation blockchain application platform that places blockchain technology on steroids. Through Lisk, JavaScript developers will be able to build, publish, distribute, and monetize blockchain applications within a cryptocurrency powered system that allows for the use of customized blockchains, smart contracts, cloud storage, and computing nodes.

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