Workshop Cryptozombies met Rinke (4/5)


Rinke has his home-base at the Lisk Center in Utrecht, working professionally as a smart-contract developer on jointly the Ethereum Swarm ( and RIF storage solutions. He would be happy to share this experience with you and what is a better way to get acquainted with smart-contracts than through playing a game together?!

Cryptozombies ( is a fun way to learn to program in Solidity and has been also the way through which Rinke started to program on Ethereum! In this series of tutorials (5 in total), we will go through the Cryptozombies game together. Besides, when the opportunity arises, Rinke will share his practical experience and will explain the concepts taught in Cryptozombies in more depth if needed.

This series is available for everybody; please fear not if you don't have any programming experience. Missing a lesson or starting later is no problem (although not encouraged) too; Cryptozombies is suited to study on your own as well!

See you there!