LOOM by Aysylu Biktimirova

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Graph algorithms are cool and fascinating. We'll look at a graph algorithms and visualization library, Loom, which is written in Clojure. We will discuss the graph API, look at implementation of the algorithms and learn about the integration of Loom with Titanium, which allows us to run the algorithms on and visualize data in graph databases.

Aysylu is a Software Engineer in NYC area. She graduated from MIT with degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Coming from the Java world, she found paradise in the Clojure land. Aysylu's interests are in performance engineering, compiler design and optimization. In her spare time, she also does oil painting and composes music. Follow her on Twitter @aysylu22; personal website on http://aysy.lu (http://aysy.lu/); github http://github.com/aysylu .