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How do you practice self-care?

How do you enter your flow state?

Do you exercise a certain number of times per week, meditate, go to yoga classes?

All day we may be surrounded by people, but rarely are we permissioned, encouraged, and supported in sharing openly and vulnerably. Experiences of vulnerability and the intimacy that comes with it are a crucial predictor of long-term wellness

Listening Lab can help you access, empower, & leverage your vulnerability as a tool for personal and professional growth. Being listened to is our most precious and under-utilized resource. We create the structure so that you may experience the flow-state of sharing, and YOU define the terms.

Hone your listening skills while experiencing the rush and intimacy of speaking your truth by joining us at Listening Lab!

Come as you are. Get your Listening fix.

• What is Listening Lab:

At Listening Lab we practice a unique set of authentic listening skills that creates connection and encourages transparent vulnerability between a speaker and listener.

•  What happens during the 2.5-hour Listening Lab Meetup:

The first half is facilitated learning; practicing exercises to gain stronger authentic listening skills.

The second half is a partnered listening session where each partner has 30 minutes to be a speaker & 30 minutes to practice authentic listening.

You’re in full control of your comfort zone and what boundaries you want in a listening session.

•  Why we started Listening Lab:

The world is extraordinarily fast-paced. We found authentic listening sessions out of necessity and now it is our core daily ritual. Take time to connect, listen, and be heard. Feel more connected to others and yourself through learning and practicing the tools that will strengthen your personal and professional life.

Before we started Listening Lab, we were executive communication coaches working with companies such as Google, we know what it means to communicate with impact. We want to empower you to reap the benefits of impactful communication.

• How Listening Lab may impact you:

Authentic listening creates space for you to tap into your inner voice. A listening session is a meditation between two people. As both a speaker and listener you may feel relief from emotional tension and increased mental clarity.

Your first Listening Lab Meetup is free & $10 for each future one. Funds help us cover the space & snacks.