What we're about

Lit The F*CK Up Sisterhood…

We’re a community of women, on a journey of awakening, who seek to:

• Become lit up from deep within.
• Unapologetically step back into our power.
• Consciously create a life that ignites our soul.

It’s a coming-together of like-minded ladies who long to:

• Find a safe place to land, where they feel seen and heard.
• Connect authentically, woman to woman, without competition or judgement.
• Lead a tuned-in and turned-on life.

Together, we’ll explore topics like:

• Healing
• Manifesting
• Universal Laws (like LOA)
• Meditation
• Personal Development
• Wellness
• Female Empowerment
• Intuition
• Abundance

When you attend a Lit The F*CK Up Sisterhood meetup, you can expect to:

• Learn tools, discover resources, and experience multiple ah-ha moments.
• Join the conversation around topics that every awakened woman faces.
• Receive support at every stage of your personal journey.

This group is NOT for you if:

• You’re interested in remaining a victim of your circumstances.
• You’re down to blame and complain, but not take responsibility for your sh*t.
• You’re not willing to lead by example and lift up those around you.

This group is DEFINITELY for you if:

• You’re ready to manifest true and lasting transformation in your life.
• You’re willing to do the inner work required to heal and expand.
• You’re able to drop negativity at the door and reach for a higher vibe.

Sister, if this sounds like your jam, I invite you to join us and share your unique energy, perspective, and journey with the group. It's time to get high on life and feel lit up from deep within!

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Let Your Intuition Lead (monthly meetup)

The Cotton Factory


PLEASE NOTE CHANGE IN POLICY: PAYMENT MUST BE MADE IN ADVANCE VIA PAYPAL AT TIME OF RSVP IN ORDER TO SECURE YOUR SPOT AND COVER COSTS ASSOCIATED WITH VENUE RENTAL. Rather than planning this meetup around a specific topic, we're going to experiment with allowing this gathering to take us where we need to go in the moment. We're going to turn it over to our intuition and divine guidance. You can trust that you'll receive whatever it is that you show up to receive and I will trust in my ability to channel whatever is needed in the moment. • Come to socialize, laugh, learn, share, and connect with like-minded women who speak your language. • Come to seek answers to your most pressing questions. • Come to offer insight to others. • Come to get out of the house and be with other humans who aren't staring at their phones. • Come because you feel called to this energy. I believe that if we set the intention to receive an experience that deeply nourishes us, on a soul level, then that is exactly what we'll get. Your financial contribution allows me to hold space for you, provide an oh-so-cozy place to gather (complete with refreshments), and an all-access pass to my expertise. Sisters, this is where the magic happens! I love witnessing the shifts and connections that become available when we choose to show up for ourselves. How to find us: The event will be hosted at the historic Cotton Factory, an industrial site that has been converted into a creative arts community. There is free parking behind the Storehouse building. You'll find the driveway just past the Canadian flag hanging off the side of the building. Enter the building by heading up the concrete stairs, from the parking lot, and looking for the double doors under the Storehouse sign (see event photos for reference). There, you'll find a security punch pad. A visitor code will be provided to all those who RSVP to the event. You'll enter the code into the punch pad next to the doors in order to unlock them and access the building. Once inside, just follow the posted signs to make your way upstairs to the event space in Unit 244. If you have any questions, please message me.

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Let Your Intuition Lead (monthly meetup)

The Cotton Factory


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