PART 1 - How To Figure Out WTF You Really Want (workshop)

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The Cotton Factory

40 Biggar Avenue, Unit 244 Storehouse Building · Hamilton, ON

How to find us

There is free parking behind the Storehouse building. You'll find the driveway just past the Canadian flag hanging off the side of the building. Check out the event photos for a more detailed map.

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Knowing what you want... Sounds simple, right? Not so much.

With all of the outside influences that bombard us daily with messages about what we "should" want, it can be difficult to tap into our deepest, most authentic desires.

We came here with a bucket list of things our soul wanted to experience in this lifetime. This list is made up of desires that thrill us, light us the f*ck up, and scare the living crap out of us.

The goal of living deliberately is to focus our oh-so-precious energy toward manifesting the things that we most want to be, do, and have.

But obviously, it's damned near impossible to consciously co-create your dream life when you're stuck on step one of the manifestation process: Clearly define exactly what you want. Being stuck on this step sucks (I feel you).

If you find yourself in this place, you're likely manifesting all kinds of unintended things, people, and experiences into your reality, and then shaking your head, wondering why these things are showing up.

Let's end that cycle and get you on your way to actually experiencing those unique-to-you bucket list items that you came here to experience.

In this workshop, you will:

• Be guided through some fun, creative practices to help you get back in touch with your inner wisdom.
• Be challenged about the answers you come up with until you're able to drill down and dig deep to where the good stuff is hiding.
• Discover some of your desires in the room, and be assigned optional homework so that you can continue the discovery process after the event.

How This Event Will Flow:

There's a lot to cover, so we're going to jump right in with a short meditation to help you connect with your intuition.

From this place, you're going to select one area of your life that you'd like to focus on during this workshop. This is the area of your life in which you'd most like to manifest change.

Next, in the privacy of your journal, you'll be invited to respond to a number of questions, designed to get your desire juices flowing.

Once you've brainstormed a list of ideas to work with, I'll take you through some exercises designed to weed out the tepid desires and zoom in on the most delicious, outrageous, and exhilarating of your soul desires. This portion will be interactive and those willing to share with the group will be encouraged to do so.

I'll wrap up by offering some journal prompts, instructions for an at-home practice to explore on your own, and a few fun games that you can play as you move through the world in order to keep your desire muscles flexing strong.

The evening will be casual and interactive. Refreshments will be provided. Dress comfortably (yoga pants encouraged).

How To Find Us:

The event will be hosted at the historic Cotton Factory, an industrial site that has been converted into a creative arts community.

There is free parking behind the Storehouse building. You'll find the driveway just past the Canadian flag hanging off the side of the building.

You'll want to enter the building at the double doors under the Storehouse sign (see event photos for reference).

A visitor code will be provided to all those who RSVP to the event. You'll enter the code into the punch pad next to the doors in order to unlock them.

Once inside, just follow the posted signs to make your way upstairs to the event space in Unit 244.

If you have any questions, please message me.

Sisters, this is going to be powerful! I can't wait to witness you bust through the noise and crush step one of the manifestation process!

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