Hike Mount Katahdin Peak and Knife's Edge


We're going to hike Mount Katahdin. This is a rugged and beautiful mountain that sits in Maine's Baxter State Park and is the end of the line for the AT thru-hiker's 2200 mile journey from Georgia. It might be the hardest climb in that span, but maybe the most rewarding. Don't miss this opportunity!

Please know this hike is extremely difficult due to the rocky terrain. There will be times when you are climbing over boulders using hands and knees. The one-mile Knife's Edge is narrow, scary and dangerous, with sheer drop-offs on each side of the trail. people have fallen to their deaths. If you have a fear of heights it isn't the hike for you.


The dates are slightly flexible as we want to avoid doing this in the rain. We'll reserve rooms a few days before we go, and the length of the trip can be extended if people wish to do further exploring. We want to avoid the weekends to make finding lodging easier and also so that we can avoid the traffic getting into Baxter State Park on the morning of the hike.

Everyone starts on the wait list. You must be a serious and conditioned hiker to attempt this. Message me with questions, comments, or suggestions. We can carpool from CT. It takes between seven and eight hours to get there by car.

Gear List: https://www.baxterstatepark.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/Packing-Essentials-for-Website.pdf

Our route: Roaring Brook Campground parking, up the Helon Taylor Trail to Pamola Peak, across Knife Edge Trail to Baxter Peak, down Saddle Trail to Chimney Pond Trail and back to the parking area. Four trails, nine miles, two peaks. The hike takes between 8 and 12 hours. There are a couple of routes we can take. Below are the 9 and 11 mile options.

More about the route: https://newengland.com/today/travel/maine/hiking-mount-katahdin-and-the-infamous-knife-edge-trail-in-maine/#

Mount Katahdin Trail Map:

Lodging: We're going to try to stay as close to the trail head as possible, but that means anywhere between a 35 and 60 minute drive. We'll need to get parking permits as the lots fill up early in the morning in peak season. We'll want to be at the trail head and ready to hike by 7 am.

Count on your lodging being at least $125 per night and most likely more.
RSVP's will close two weeks before the start date.