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    Have you heard of Bob Proctor, Abraham Hicks, Deepak Chopra or/and viewed the film The Secret?

    Now imagine all of that- but at the level that a toddler can understand: equipped with paints, projects, arts, music, yoga, snacks and new cool friends who love them for who they are.

    The curriculum used in this group- has not been used in any school system in the western world, and that is the problem. Whereas, our school systems and children are battling bullying, violence and inner pains- we tend to medicate them. But why not teach spirituality to the very young, so that they have the spiritual stamina needed to navigate through the terrain of adult life? That is where Little Buddha's of Central Florida comes in. We are here to create positive cycle of people, by starting with children first.

    Do you have a child (children) ages 3-7?

    Do you, as the parent, identify as a hippie, free thinker or a Spiritual person?
    If so, this group is for you. We are a group of Spiritually-minded parents, with young children- who are teaching our toddlers (at their level), Spiritual Science and the 12 Spiritual laws of the Universe. The children do weekly yoga, art lessons, musical lessons and trips designed to cultivate mindfulness, peace, non-judgment, self discipline and a safe space for our spiritual community.

    requirements for entry:

    1.) a Profile picture .

    2.) A meetup profile older than 6 months.

    3.) You MUST be a parent of a child UNDER the age of 7.

    4.) Reside in Central Florida.

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