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What we’re about


Hi and Welcome!  


The Oneness Blessing, introduced from the Oneness Movement, is a transfer of universal energy for the healing, activation and awakening of individuals to help them expand their consciousness and experience the state of oneness. 


It starts a process that leads to the flowering of the heart and ever increasing self-acceptance, love, peace and joy in our lives. This energy will awaken your heart and calm your mind.  


The blessing is given through a trained and certified practitioner by the placing of hands on the recipients head for a minute or so.  


Our meetings are held every Tuesday at the Unity Church at 2610 Reservoir Rd in Little Rock. 

The Blessing is given from 7:30-8:30 pm.

For those who would like to discuss ways of living an awakening life, there is a discussion session prior to the Blessing from 7:00-7:25 pm.  


Meetings may include meditation, music and chanting as well as the Blessing.  We gather in a circle at the front of the church - some sit in chairs while others choose to bring a pillow or blanket and sit on the floor.


Whatever path of spiritual awakening you are on, you will be supported in your journey. This gift is for all of us, no matter our belief systems.


Please join us to meet others who are on the path of consciousness and spirituality.  Our group intention is to build community and enjoy the bonds of friendship.  All newcomers are welcome. Invite a friend!  


Blessing Giver, Chris Johnson, has attended the 21-day process at the Oneness University in India and is a trained Oneness Blessing Facilitator.   Chris leads the discussions with warmth and humor and invites members to evolve spiritually through his wisdom, sharing of personal experiences and story telling.  

Love donations are gratefully accepted but please never let money get in the way of coming and participating in this Oneness Blessing.   


Also, please take a moment and sign up as a member. By becoming a member of this group you will be notified of all of the Oneness Blessing happenings in the Little Rock area and other meetings and workshops that promote Oneness. Join and experience the Oneness Blessing and change your life for the better!  


If a meeting needs to be cancelled due to Chris traveling, a notice will be placed on this website and an email will be sent out to all members.


Everyone is invited to come early and stay late, or to slip in and out for the Blessing as quickly and quietly as can be done. 


We look forward to meeting you.  See you there!