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Little Tokyo Kaiwa Club Please Read: capacity is limited for English speakers
YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE: There is a capacity limit for English speakers. If you are learning Japanese, please come only if you have successfully made a reservation. Reservations for this meetup open 2 weeks before the meetup date. Seating is limited, and we are trying to encourage a more even ratio of Japanese to English speakers, so that it will be more fun for everyone. Thank you! :) Japanese speakers: no need to RSVP, just come! Starting with this Meetup forward, there will be a charge of $3 per English speaker. It is to pay towards rent for the space. Thank you for understanding. and now... Welcome to the Little Tokyo Kaiwa Club! This meetup aims to help put the Tokyo back into Little Tokyo! We meet every other week in the heart of Little Tokyo. Our aim is to attract a mix of native level Japanese speakers who wand to practice their English conversation skills, and vice versa, native English speakers who want to practice their Japanese conversation skills. We start at around 6:45 with a brief Japanese and english grammar explanation, accompanied by a handout. Then there is a short free conversation time, and then at 7:00 we break the session down into 8 alternating 15 minute "English Time" and "Japanese Time" sessions. Seats are rotated 4 times. Afterwards, we often all go out to eat together. お知らせ: 日本語がネイティブレベルで話せる人に対して、出席制限がありません!:) 小東京 会話 クラブへようこそ!この会合の目的は東京とリトルトーキョーの融合です! 隔週月曜にリトルトーキョーの中心で会合を開きます! 私たちの目的は、英会話の練習をしたい日本語のネイティブスピーカーと、日本語の会話を練習したい英語のネティブスピーカーを、引きあわせることです。 日本語と英語の文法の説明とゲームからスタートし、それで、自己紹介して、最後におたげいの交流を深めるセッションに入れます。15分に「英語の時間」「日本語の時間」を交互に話します。30分ごとにに席替えをします。 お会いできるのを楽しみにしています! ミトーアップの後だ、普通は皆は近い店で外食しています。 入場料は日本語が話せる人に無料です。 • What to bring Please bring a water bottle, notebook and a pen. • Important to know

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