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LOCATION: Given upon RSVP and screening with the host to make sure you meet the pre-requisites. (see below)

What is Shamanic Journey?
This community circle is for practicing and sharing shamanic journey in the “core shamanic”method. Journeying entails traveling to the upper/lower worlds to seek information or healing from our tried and true, familiar helping spirits in the form of animal totems, angels, ancestors, deities and teachers. The method of travel is supported by use of repetitive rhythm being expressed in many ways: drum, rattle, didgeridoo, click sticks..people lie down when journeying, or rock in one place or dance with eyes partially covered. We give time to write and share our journeys and we also can journey for each other and our community – always with permission given.

Circle Format:

This event is hosted by Tasara, Christine Wallace and Michelle McKinney. Each monthly host will use the following format as a starting point. What really happens may change depending upon who (and what) shows up in the circle.

- Calling to the spirits to create sacred space.
- Brief check in, in ‘talking circle’ style. Brief so that we don’t run out of time. We will probably do this in pair or groups if there are a lot of people.
- Raising energy together.
- Journey for a partner. This is optional but if you are nervous doing it, try it! It is actually much easier to journey for someone else than to journey for oneself. The spirits get all excited about someone being loving to another and come in to help.
- Personal journey.
– Journey of service. There might be a discussion to decide what we are going to journey for.
– Thanking the spirits, grounding and releasing sacred space.
- Clean up the space.

There will be time to write and share after each journey.

Circle prerequisites: You must have taken at least a short workshop in shamanic journey as taught in the Core Shamanism method. Core Shamanism is “universal or near-universal principles and practices of shamanism not bound to any specific cultural group or perspective”, as originated and developed by the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. If you are not sure if what you have learned is the same thing, talk to the circle host and they will guide you. We want you to be able to come!

If you have not learned to journey, you are welcome to come to an evening workshop. See the teacher’s individual pages ( for details.

All that said, “Core Shamanism” really does mean Core. The Foundation for Shamanic Studies does not teach the beautiful cultural traditions they have encountered all over the world out of respect for those indigenous tribes. The fancy dressing that makes this type of ritual and culture potent and fun, we can create on our own! That is what culture is. Spirited drumming and music, ritual, sacred garb are all part of this Way.

We call out to the spirits in beauty, to walk, sing and share in beauty. We are open to the wonder in mystery and are committed to being present to each other and the path before us.

Circle etiquette: In order to have deep, meaningful and healing journeys, we must have a circle that is potent and safe. Because of this we ask people to hold impeccable integrity around boundaries and focus.
- We will start on time and end on time. Coming late disturbs sacred space so please try not to be late. If you are, be sneaky like a mouse.
- Please do not socialize once sacred circle has been called.
- Be mindful of others personal space, especially if you journey standing or dancing in place.
- Come fully back from your journey when the callback is given.
- Please do not comment in any way on the journeys that others share. Journeying is very personal and we want to hold space for people to share their experiences, knowing that in truth the only person who can interpret a shamanic journey is the person that it was intended for. Also, be aware that when people share, sometimes they are sharing a surface of their journey because the full journey it too personal to share.
- Things that are shared in circle are confidential.
- Try to learn to be aware/in tune with the energy of the room. Each spiritual circle has a life of its own and we are equally responsible for tending to its health.
- Out of respect for the dojo’s wishes, smudging is done outside on the sidewalk.

Community journey circle is a clean and sober event. Please, no alcohol or recreational drugs. We recognize that there are other forms of shamanism that work with entheogens but those practices are not compatible with our journey format and would not support our efforts to maintain safe, sacred space.

What to Bring:
- A notebook to scribe your journeys. If you find there is not enough time for all the detail you experienced, you can ‘bullet point” your journey and fill it in once the circle is over.
- Something to cover your eyes. This can be more important than you think! When your eyes are covered they can fully dilate and allow you to relax and journey.
- Pillows, blankets and mats are provided, as well as chairs for those that don’t want to sit on the floor.
- Big socks if you need them. The space is a ‘no street shoes” space.
- Your big, big heart.

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