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Do it for your long-term healthy heart, body & earth. Live Blissed brings together different training practices of movement and breath to provide your heart, body & mind a balance and support for long-term health.

You can expect to get a workout in, be guided through a complimenting yoga flow, and enjoy plant-based bites at Live Blissed experiences!

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1 DAY RETREAT: love yourself


1 Day Retreat: LOVE YOURSELF Movement Fusion + Plant-Based Nourishment TICKETS + DETAILS: https://blissed.live/events/1dayretreat-loveyourself Give yourself a day. Not just to relax, but also to get challenged, try new movement, and dig deep into the connection you have with yourself, your body, and this earth. This is a one day retreat is curated specifically for those of you who may be working too much (and haven’t had a chance to really be “with yourself”, away from the noise), maybe dealing with some difficult life things, and/or just want to dive into better health practices, and create stronger relationships in the community. The movement in this retreat will include a HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workout, yin yoga, introduction to martial arts, and exploratory primal movement. Movement will be led and taught by Martial Artist, Jason Palmeiri, and Yoga & Fitness instructors Savannah Egg and Sucha Kumar. You will also have access to a gym facility and sauna throughout the day for your use. Acupuncturist and Herbal Medicine Practitioner & Healer, Tiffany Cooley, will also be there with cupping, acupuncture and massage sessions available throughout the day. You will be nourished with Organifi juice throughout the day to detox, energize and aid in inflammation for you. Jai Fusion will also be providing a nourishing lunch that will be vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free. Nutritionist, Nia Carillo of Eclectic Wellness will be sharing how your relationship with food can transform your life, and answer specific questions on how to make eating more whole food plant based can be more accessible and fun. Throughout the day, you’ll be taken on a journey diving deeper into yourself with the help of movement, food, and various lectures + team building, creating an atmosphere of purely good energy. You’ll have the option to follow along our itinerary for you, but also have time to do your own thing, get bodywork done, dive into your nutrition and do what serves you. We will be putting away technology (no phones), as well as shoes (barefoot) for the day, allowing you to really get more grounded, free from outside stimulation and distractions. We can’t wait for you to experience this special day hosted at the beautiful space of Organifi HQ in Mission Valley, San Diego. TICKETS + DETAILS: https://blissed.live/events/1dayretreat-loveyourself

FAM FIT DAY: a wellness event for parents + kids (all ages)!

The Movement Warehouse

FAM FIT DAY: a wellness event for parents + kids! Movement Fusion + Plant-Based Nourishment TICKETS+RSVP: https://blissed.live/events/famfitday For the parents and your kiddos… Just like our OG Live Blissed events that fuse together different movement, followed by healthy nourishing food + drinks… except this one if for families! Which means you (the parent) can bring your kids, no matter what age they are AND do all the healthy things with them! You’ll start off with a 30 minute HIIT bootcamp style workout led by Taylor of Sweaty As a Mother. Kids who are ages 4+ will be able to participate in this workout with you! To cool down, you’ll be led through a 30 min yoga flow, focused on fun poses, posture, and stretches you can implement daily! Kids who are ages 10+ will be able to flow with you! If your kid/s are either too young to participate in either the bootcamp workout and/or yoga with you, we’ve got some serious fun planned for them. Infants: We will have a “babysitter” there to take care of your tiny kiddo while you get to work on your fitness and mindset goals! Toddlers: There will be kid-friendly fun games going on to make sure your kids are having fun while you get to workout and take a second to relax and flow. Kids 5-9 years old: We will have an instructor there specialized in workouts for youngsters who will make sure your kids get a workout in that is age-appropriate for them, while you get your own workout and flow! The workout + flow will be followed by a Q&A for parents (while all kids get to play some fun games) focused on tips to stay active with your family, and how to fuel with nutrients while keeping it fun, affordable and accessible! After moving our bodies, we party it out (family style!) with fun vendors carrying nourishing food, drinks + more! Ticket Details: We have 2 ticket types, for younger kids, and one for adults (which will include kids 10+ years of age). What To Bring: - Yoga Mat - Caps + Sunscreen + Water Bottle - Any special belongings needed for your younger kids! We will provide the rest! TICKETS+RSVP: https://blissed.live/events/famfitday

MOVE EAT DRINK: Workout + Plant-Based Food Party!

MOVE EAT DRINK: Workout + Plant-Based Food Party! TICKETS: https://blissed.live/events/moveeatdrink What's your ideal type of party? What if you got to work out with your friends, meet really cool people and party all in one place, all at night?! so basically like a healthy party. Join us for a HIIT workout, Yoga flow, fun games + challenges followed by an after-party with delicious plant-based food vendors and Junehsine Hard Kombucha! When: Saturday, October 12th, 2019 - 9pm-12am Where: JUNESHINE RANCH, 10051 OLD GROVE ROAD, SAN DIEGO, CA 92131 Reminders + Details: - Bring your own yoga mat! - Bring card and/or cash to purchase food & drinks after the workout! - Transport responsibly! If you are planning to drink, we recommend a rideshare way of transportation like Uber or Lyft! TICKETS: https://blissed.live/events/moveeatdrink

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Yoga for People Who Work Too Much.

Hale Production Studios

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