What we're about

We enjoy making music by writing code. And we want to enjoy writing code that makes music together with others.

We are a diverse group of people with diverse sets of experiences in creating music and programming. And we want to share the joy and awesomeness of music with others, no matter your experience or background.

This group is for you, if you enjoy music and want to know how to make it by writing code. You'll also enjoy the group, if you already have some (or even significant) experience with programming music or even performing at live coding events.

Our events range from Beginner-level Live Coding Workshops, gatherings where we exchange ideas/tips/tricks, to spontaneous jams, where we make music together. Hopefully, one day, we'll also host some parties or live coding events and bring together even more people to enjoy music.

Past events (4)

Live Coding - 10 minutes from scratch

Unterschied & Macher GmbH

Live Coding - Open Jack Edition

SinnerSchrader Deutschland GmbH

Live Coding - The Spooky Edition


Introduction to Live Coding


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